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HCT Workshop: Sensors to Dashboards

November 15th – 9:30 – 4:00. School of IT Lecture Theater 123 The Human-Centred Technology research group will be running a day workshop covering sensing, visualization and finding meaning from personal data around physical activity. We will discuss the range of applications in physiology, sleep and physical activity. We will have two lightning talk sessions aimed at connecting research challenges and creative solutions. HDR students are also welcome to present… more

HCT Summer Scholarships

HCT is happy to be funding summer scholarships this year. Applications close on 18th October. HCT scholarship details: Application through this page: more

Kalina Yacef – Human-Centred Data Science for Health and Education

We are happy to announce a new HCT node, lead by Associate Professor Kalina Yacef, for Human-Centred Data Science for Health and Education. more

Positive Design: What are we designing (for)? A talk by Dr. Anna Pohlmeyer

Electrical Engineering Building J03, Seminar Room 460 11am – 12pm, 14th July, 2017 Register for the talk here. It has always been the aim of design to improve people’s quality of life. Yet, while numerous examples demonstrate how design facilitates everyday chores, how it assists and extends human capabilities, and how it introduces small moments of delight, surprisingly few examples exist that have been deliberately designed to foster our personal quests to… more

Ali Abbas – Waste Transformation Research Hub

Ali Abbas, the supervisor of the Waste Transformation Research Hub, announces the publication of a report on building research capacity to transform Australia’s waste industry and deliver better outcomes for society. more

Lina Engelen – Active Spaces Launch

Dr Lina Engelen has announced the launch of Active Spaces. The Active Spaces Innovation and Research Network is launching on Wednesday, May 24th from 2-4pm at the Charles Perkins Centre. Level 6 Seminar room Charles Perkins Centre The University of Sydney Find out more at the launch website. Don’t forget to RSVP by 19/05/2017 to more

Corinne Caillaud – Project-based units grant

Corinne Caillaud, Kalina Yacef, Marie Carroll, Mark Halaki, Melanie Keep, Tricia McCabe, Tina Barclay, Inam Haq, Jane Oakeshott, Amanda Sayan, Marie-Claude Gregoire, Laurence Macia and Clare Higgins have received a Project-based units grant of $32,000 from the University of Sydney for the Health Innovation project – A project-based unit built in partnership between researchers & industries in a global context. more

Dong Yuan – Educational Innovation Grant

Dong Yuan, Dong Xu, Rafael Calvo, Wei Bao and Bing Zhou have received an Educational Innovation Grant of $34,982.77 from the University of Sydney to design a project-based cross-unit laboratory through cloud computing technologies towards collaborative, authentic and flexible learning. more

Frank Smith – Project-based units grant

Frank Smith, Benedetta Brevini, Joe Dong and Ralph Gunther Holz have received a Project-based units grant of $12,000 from the University of Sydney to work on Big Data, Algorithms, and Security in the Digital Age. more

Mike Seymour – Best Paper Award at ACIS 2016 conference

Congratulations to Mike Seymour and Ella Hafermalz on their paper, “Hello Computer: Towards a Research Agenda for Conceptualising “Presence” in Human-Computer Engagement”, which won the Best Paper Award at the ACIS 2016 conference, held in December, 2016 in Wollongong. This is part of a joint project between the IT school and the Business School at Sydney University and international partners. more

ALTA 2016: 14th annual workshop of The Australasian Language Technology Association

This year, the Australasian Language Technology Association Workshop (ALTA) will be held at Monash University, Melbourne on 6-7 December 2016. The workshop is the key local forum for socialising research results in natural language processing and computational linguistics, with featured keynote speakers, as well as presentations and posters from student, industry, and early-career researchers. Image credit: Science precinct, Monash University by David via Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic licence. more

Summer Scholarship grant

The HCT has received a gift of $40,090, sponsored by NVIDIA, which will be used for summer scholarships. more

Fabio Ramos – SOAR Fellowship

Transitioning from big data to big decisions Over the next two years, machine learning expert Fabio will focus on developing new methods for computers to interpret ‘big data’ and make informed decisions under uncertainty. The fellowship will allow Fabio to deepen collaborations with academics in the Centre for Translational Data Science and the Brain and Mind Centre, as well as develop key industry partnerships. more

IT Innovation Breakfast Seminar: Blockchain – Changing the Rules of the Game

This keynote talk will be given by Chris Connor, Executive Manager, Enterprise Services – Tech Innovation Team, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and he will be discussing Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchains). Chris Connor leads the Blockchain Portfolio for the Tech Innovation team which is involved in blockchain experimentation both inside the bank and externally with other banks and regulators. In his talk, Chris will explore the opportunities and challenges as well as the different mindsets required to learn… more

Kalina Yacef – DVC Research Thompson Fellowship

Kalina Yacef has been awarded a DVC Research Thompson Fellowship for 2017. more

Phyllis Butow – NHMRC Senior Principle Research Fellowship

Professor Phyllis Butow has received an NHMRC Senior Principle Research Fellowship to lead a program which improves cancer care services nationally. Of particular interest is improving psychosocial outcomes for Australians diagnosed with cancer. more

Research Conversazione

Discover how researchers and students are using their knowledge and skills to change lives in Australia and around the world. With interactive displays and bite-sized student research presentations, Research Conversazione provides a unique forum to engage with talented minds, meet experts and forge linkages for future collaboration. It’s also a great opportunity to network with your peers. HCT research on display included: Jisu (Joseph) Jung This is an interdisciplinary project,… more

Can data help me better understand and support learners?

The emerging learning environments offer unprecedented opportunities to collect data about learner interactions. Can this data help instructions innovate in their teaching? Can they increase their understanding and support of the learners? The area of Learning Analytics focuses on how data can be used to improve the overall student experience. Although data is being used in other areas such as business or marketing, the uptake in educational institutions is slower… more

China Australia Hospital Forum – Tim Shaw Keynote

Tim Shaw gave the keynote, ‘Why do clinicians have so little access to data surrounding the outcomes of their treatment?’, at the China Australia Hospital Forum in July 2016. more

Australian Research Council Grants

Professor Andy Dong; Dr Massimo Garbuio; Professor Dan Lovallo The project seeks to provide theoretical insight and empirical evidence on the behavioural determinants of companies and executives that lead to market-creating growth. The question of how to support economic growth through innovation has drawn much attention and debate because Australian companies underperform in delivering value creation from new innovations. This project plans to test a model of growth based upon… more

Sabina Kleitman – Brown Fellowship

Sabina Kleitman has been awarded a Brown Fellowship. more

HILDA 2016: Workshop on Human-In-the-Loop Data Analytics

Any data management system needs to work together with people, whose needs determine the goals for the system, and who must provide the input and who need to work effectively with the output. Data management systems will work much better when they take account of the cognitive and physiological characteristics of the people involved. Recent technology trends (such as touch screens, motion detection, and voice recognition) are widening the possibilities… more

Inaugural University of Sydney Health & Wellness Research Symposium

‘Improving Health and Wellness Through Digital Technologies This research symposium is designed to provide attendees with an overview of selected healthcare delivery innovation and transformation programs that the University of Sydney is leading, together with insights into new health and wellness models enabled by digital technologies. See the booklet and schedule below for more details. Schedule 9.10am Introduction Health Technology – The Human-Centred Vision Professor Judy Kay, University of Sydney 9.30am Keynote Presentation… more

ALTA 2015: 13th annual workshop of The Australasian Language Technology Association

This year, the Australasian Language Technology Association Workshop (ALTA) will be held at the Western Sydney University, Parramatta campus on 8-9 December 2015. The workshop is the key local forum for socialising research results in natural language processing and computational linguistics, with featured keynote speakers, as well as presentations and posters from student, industry, and early-career researchers. more

ALASI 2015: Australian Learning Analytics Summer Institute

The Australian Learning Analytics Summer Institute (ALASI) will be hosted at The University of Sydney on 26-27 November 2015. ALASI is the main forum in Australia for exchange of knowledge, innovation, and experiences in the area of Learning Analytics. The event offers a great opportunity to learn about analytics in education, showcase your activities and benchmark results through exposure to the thinking, experiences and feedback of other practitioners and researchers… more

Research Fest registration closes 21 October

Want to join us at the 2015 Sciences and Technologies of Learning (STL) Research Fest on Thursday November 5th? The Research Fest is our annual event inviting the community of researchers and practitioners in the sciences and technologies of learning to come together to exchange ideas, showcase work, form new collaborations, and catch up on recent innovations in learning and knowledge technology research. We expect the Fest, which takes place… more

Fabio Ramos – Mid-Career Researcher Development Scheme grant

Fabio Ramos has been awarded a grant from the Mid-Career Researcher Development Scheme for the following project: Learning and predicting human behaviour Understanding and predicting human behaviour, in particular motion, is paramount for the development of better cities, work place environments and surveillance systems. From shopping habits in supermarkets to the dynamics of people’s motion in train stations, there are many patterns of behaviour that, if captured and modelled accurately,… more

ACM MultiMedia 2015

The ACM MultiMedia Conference for 2015 will be held in Brisbane, Australia on 26-30 October 2015. This is the premier conference for multimedia experts and practitioners across academia and industry. HCT leader, Professor Judy Kay will deliver the opening invited keynote address: Harnessing Big Personal Data, with Scrutable User Modelling for Privacy and Control. more

Summer Scholarship grant

The HCT has received a gift of $33,000, sponsored by NVIDIA, which will be used for summer scholarships. more

Workshop on Human-Centred Data Management

A discussion-oriented workshop will be held in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday 9 June 2015. Our focus is on human-centred data management, which encompasses both the management of data about people, and how people interact with data. Of course, we are especially excited about looking at how people interact with data about people! Among many topics of importance, we will be looking at privacy and access control for personal data, making… more