Can data help me better understand and support learners?

The emerging learning environments offer unprecedented opportunities to collect data about learner interactions. Can this data help instructions innovate in their teaching? Can they increase their understanding and support of the learners? The area of Learning Analytics focuses on how data can be used to improve the overall student experience. Although data is being used in other areas such as business or marketing, the uptake in educational institutions is slower than expected. In this hands-on workshop we will explore some common techniques to analyse data about student learning and explore the process to translate it into actionable knowledge. The activities in the workshop will be divided into the following modules:

  • Connecting data to questions. Which aspects of a learning experience  are suitable to be explore with the help of data? What questions can be answered based on data?
  • Connecting with learning theory. How can theory guide the design of data-intensive learning experiences?
  • Data-supported actions. What actions can be derived from the combination of data and educational theories?

At the end of the workshop the attendees should be capable of explaining how data can be used to guide or support personalised student support actions.

Additional instructions

Attendees are required to bring their own personal computer to be used during the session.

Monday 24 October 2016, 1pm – 5pm

Fisher Library F03 Meeting Room 249

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Image credit: University Life 246 by Francisco Osorio via Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic licence.