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Discover how researchers and students are using their knowledge and skills to change lives in Australia and around the world.

With interactive displays and bite-sized student research presentations, Research Conversazione provides a unique forum to engage with talented minds, meet experts and forge linkages for future collaboration. It’s also a great opportunity to network with your peers.

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HCT research on display included:

Jisu (Joseph) Jung

This is an interdisciplinary project, advancing human-computer interaction and public health. The research explores new interfaces that harness the mobile phone lockscreen, mobile apps and worn cameras. The driving need for this work is to advance our understanding of young adult’s nutrition. Our technology aims to make it possible to capture a new level of rich data about food intake, including the outlets where young adults buy food, when they buy and eat it, with whom and the detailed nutritional composition and overall contribution to diet of these foods. The knowledge gained will form the evidence-base for formulation of policy and electronic and mobile-health promotion to reverse the problem of young adults gaining more weight than any other group in Australia.

Soojeong(Crystal) Yoo

Exercise is important for health and well-being. However, for some people it can be hard to find the time or motivation to get the recommended amount every day. Exergames on modern gaming consoles have demonstrated potential in addressing this problem, by helping people stay motivated, which subsequently benefited their health. However, these systems lack portability and convenience. Fully-immersive virtual reality has also demonstrated effectiveness at keeping people motivated in areas such as education. In this paper we present VRun, a virtual reality exergame developed for Google Cardboard. The game requires the user to physically run through a virtual world, with activity detected through the smartphone’s accelerometer. We performed an evaluation of the game with three different levels of virtual reality to gain insights into the experience of each condition. This study provides a foundation for designing VR exergames.

Reza Zolfaghari

The research describes the generation of a morphable model for external ear shapes. The morphable model can reconstruct the external ear shape using only a few parameters. The research examines the ability of the morphable model in reconstructing new ear shapes.

The objective in creating the morphable model is to assist research into the prediction of individualized 3D audio filters for listeners based on the shape of their ears. The individualised 3D audio filters are the key for the production of high fidelity spatial sound over head phones.