Monitoring Physical Activity Behaviours for the iEngage Project


The iEngage project leverages on new technologies to help to promote healthier behaviours in children with regards to physical activity and nutrition. Its digital platform provides children with information, education and skills set to achieve their physical activity and nutrition goals. The platform also connects with the activity trackers to provide continuous feedback and summarise the daily activity on a dashboard. The richness of data collected can help various stakeholders (1) create an unprecedented landscape of health knowledge and actual behaviours and (2) understand/monitor the impact of the program and (3) provide further personalisation. Our IT research tackles the particular opportunities and challenges for human-centred data mining, such as the extraction of physical activity behaviours.

Team members

Kalina Yacef (CHAI & Charles Perkins Centre, USyd), Corinne Caillaud (Charles Perkins Centre, USyd), Olivier Galy (U New Caledonia), Jessica McBroom (CHAI, USyd)

Industry partner

Gael Clerc, Charlotte Adam (BePATIENT)


Diabetes Australia Research Trust (2017-18). Pacific Funds (2016-17).