Australian Museum Digital Technologies

Using new technologies to streamline the museum experience for students, the CHAI group developed both iPad and kiosk applications that encourage collaboration and exploration. Curator more

Automatic Fault Detection and Analysis for DBMSs

The diagnosis of faults and fixing of bugs is a major part of any large DBMS project. In this project we work on the design and implementation of a system for the automatic detection and localisation of bugs in DBMSs. We explore the benefits of using stack traces to diagnose faults compared to traditional logging systems; And the different techniques that can be used to collect information and present it… more

Big Data Demonstrator

“Big Data” is a popular term used to describe the fact that modern society has made huge investments in gathering and analysing data and that these data-driven activities are making the information technology industry one of the fastest-growing sectors of the world economy. It has been estimated that more data has been generated in the past two years than in the entire history of the human race. Large-scale visualisation systems… more


This project resulted in an app that addresses plant blindness, a condition where people only see green when they look at a diverse community of plants and are unable to discern the differences between plant families, species and individuals. The app was designed to assist biology students to become familiar with key characteristics of plants using the botanical resources in the university grounds. The uptake of the CampusFlora app has… more

Clustering display for provenance data

As digital objects become increasingly important in people‚Äôs lives, people may need to understand the provenance, or lineage and history, of an important digital object, to understand how it was produced. This is particularly important for objects created from large, multi-source collections of personal data. As the metadata describing provenance, Provenance Data, is commonly represented as a labelled directed acyclic graph, the challenge is to create effective interfaces onto such… more

Cochlear Implants

Cochlear Implants: with Intra-Operative Imaging System Cochlear Implants perform significantly better in recipients when the placement of the array is located closer to the inner wall of the cochlea corridor. But currently there are no satisfactory non-invasive visualization techniques to give visual feedback to the surgeon during an insertion procedure. more

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