Monitoring Physical Activity Behaviours for the iEngage Project

The iEngage project leverages on new technologies to help to promote healthier behaviours in children with regards to physical activity and nutrition. Its digital platform provides children with information, education and skills set to achieve their physical activity and nutrition goals. The platform also connects with the activity trackers to provide continuous feedback and summarise the daily activity on a dashboard. The richness of data collected can help various stakeholders (1)… more

Natural User Interaction

In both demonstrator projects, we will focus on issues related to natural user interaction. Human focused analysis aims to continuously monitor the current status of users involved, including body movement, gestures, and expressions. Based on our existing expertise, we will develop enabling techniques to support natural interactions among multiple persons in a virtual/augmented environment, such as speaker identification, 3D audio based speaker localisation, human action recognition, and facial expression recognition.… more


The NAVIGATE Jacket helps the wearer find her destination using integrated LED lighting and haptic feedback. The companion app stores relevant destinations and uploads the directions to the jacket which gives turn by turn directions. Fashion Magazine article: VOGUE more

Neighbourhood Scoreboards

The Neighbourhood Scoreboard project investigates the effect of public exposure of domestic energy usage on house facades and whether this encourages competition resulting in behaviour change. News article: Sydney Morning Herald Related material: Weaving digital information more

Network Operations

In the demonstrator projects, we will explore the ability of Network Operators to deliver/broadcast immersive and interactive (real-time) AR/VR via the network. Recent marked advances in computer graphics and display technologies have enabled rapid growth in locally-operated AR/VR, i.e., AR/VR in which everything is computed and generated locally without requiring internet access. While these locally-operated AR/VR applications facilitate immersive and realistic experience with various types of real-world data, current technologies… more

Online Deception Detection

Phishing Systematic Literature Review and Methodology Testing A review of the research into current phishing vulnerabilities within cyberspace. Through human manipulation, phishing is one of the largest vulnerabilities within online defence systems. This research furthers development into testing human vulnerability to phishing. Marvin Law Supervisors: Prof Judy Kay, Dr Sabina Kleitman Image credit: Money on a Hook by Tax Credits via Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic licence. more

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