Prof Judy Kay

Information Technologies

HCI, personalisation, novel interaction
judy.kay at

A/Prof Ali Abbas

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Process systems Engineering, learning in virtual worlds
ali.abbas at

Dr Naseem Ahmadpour

Architecture, Design & Planning

Technologies that support psychological Wellbeing, Reflective design, Human-Computer Interaction.
naseem.ahmadpour at

Prof Margaret Allman-Farinelli

Molecular Bioscience

Wireless Wellbeing and personalised health research node
margaret.allman-farinelli at

Prof Adrian Bauman

Public Health

Sesquicentenary Professor and Director, Prevention Research Collaboration
adrian.bauman at

Prof Alex Blaszczynski


Research in Problem Gambling
alex.blaszczynski at

Dr Carissa Bonner

Public Health

Medical decision making, doctor-patient communication, risk perception
carissa.bonner at

Prof Phyllis Butow

Faculty of Science

Chair of Psychology, Co-Director CeMPED & Chair, Psycho-Oncology Co-Operative Research Group
phyllis.butow at

A/Prof Corinne Caillaud

Health Sciences/Charles Perkins Centre

Physical activity, exercise and mobile health
corinne.caillaud at

Prof Rafael A Calvo

Electrical & Information Engineering

Technologies to support psychological wellbeing, HCI, Affective computing
rafael.calvo at

Dr Christhina Candido

Architecture, Design & Planning

Workspace design, Post-Occupancy Evaluation, IEQ, New Ways of Working

christhina.candido at

Dr Marcus Carter

Digital Cultures

Games, Digital Cultures, User-Centred Design, Novel Interfaces & Interaction
marcus.carter at

Prof Philip de Chazal

Electrical & Information Engineering

Sleep measurement and biomedical signal processing
philip.dechazal at

Jim Cook

ICT and Digital Strategy

Innovation, Learning Technologies and Dev-Ops
jim.cook at

Prof Lynn Crawford

Civil Engineering

Director, Project Management Program
lynn.crawford at

A/Prof James Curran

Information Technologies

Language tech, machine learning and data mining, education
james.r.curran at

Prof Peter Eades

Information Technologies

Graph Visualisation, Algorithms, Weird interfaces
peter at

A/Prof Abbas El-Zein

Civil Engineering

Centre for Wind, Waves and Water
abbas.el-zein at

Dr Lina Engelen

Public Health

Physical activity, Sedentary behaviour, Workplace health, Active Design
lina.engelen at

Prof Alan Fekete

Information Technologies

alan.fekete at

A/Prof Peter Gibbens

Engineering & Information Technologies

Engineering education improvement in synthetic and virtual environments
peter.gibbens at

Dr Micah Goldwater


Learning, thinking, and child development
micah.goldwater at

Prof Peter Goodyear

Education & Social Work

ARC Laureate, Head of SyReNs Technology and Knowledge in Action group at

Dr Vitor Campanholo Guizilini

Information Technologies

Machine learning, computer vision, Bayesian systems, big data
vitor.guizilini at

Dr Ben Hachey

Information Technologies

Natural language processing, Data fusion, Collective intelligence
bhachey at

Dr Luke Hespanhol

Architecture, Design & Planning

Digital placemaking, responsive environments, urban interfaces.

Dr Ralph Holz

Information Technologies

Empirical security measurements, Practical security, Network security
ralph.holz at

Prof Seokhee Hong

Information Technologies

Graph drawing, information visualisation
shhong at

Prof Michael J. Jacobson

Education & Social Work

Complexity in learning and educational systems
michael.jacobson at

Prof Abbas Jamalipour

Electrical & Information Engineering

Wireless Network Security and Body Area Networks
abbas.jamalipour at

Dr Bryn Jeffries

Information Technologies

Databases and Data Mining
bryn.jeffries at

A/Prof Craig Jin

Electrical & Information Engineering

Sensor technologies
craig.jin at

A/Prof Annette Katelaris

Sydney Medical School

Professional Medical Education
annette.katelaris at

Prof Paul Keall

Sydney Medical School

Director, Radiation Physics Laboratory
paul.keall at

A/Prof Jinman Kim

Information Technologies

Telehealth, mHealth at

Dr Sabina Kleitman


Novel behavioural profiling, elearning, decision-making, metacognition
sabina.kleitman at

A/Prof Irena Koprinska

Information Technolgoies

Data mining, machine learning, personalisation, ed technology
irena.koprinska at

A/Prof Bob Kummerfeld

Information Technologies

Personalisation, systems and sensor middleware
bob.kummerfeld at

Prof Philip Leong

Electrical & Information Engineering

Director, Computer Engineering Laboratory
philip.leong at

Dr Na Liu

Information Technologies

Information systems design and evaluation at

Dr Sandra Löschke

Architecture, Design & Planning

Experience/User-based Architecture, Material Prototyping
sandra.loschke at

Prof David Lowe

Information Technologies/Electrical & Information Engineering

Advanced learning technologies
david.lowe at

A/Prof Lina Markauskaite

Sydney School of Education and Social Work

Enhancing Workplace Learning Through Mobile Technology

Prof Kirsten McCaffery

Sydney Medical School

Centre for Medical Psychology and Evidence-based Decision Making
kirsten.mccaffery at

A/Prof Alistair McEwan

Electrical & Information Engineering

Sensor technologies
alistair.mcewan at

Prof Corinne Mulley

Transport and Logistics Studies/Sydney Business School

Chair in Public Transport
corinne.mulley at

A/Prof Abelardo Pardo

Electrical & Information Engineering

Behavioural & learning analytics, collaborative environments
abelardo.pardo at

Prof Philip Poronnik

Sydney Medical School/Faculty of Science

Creative engagement for learning and health through digital multimedia
philip.poronnik at

A/Prof Rosanne Quinnell

Biological Sciences

Mobile learning, technology-supported learning in life sciences
rosanne.quinnell at

A/Prof Fabio Ramos

Information Technologies

Machine learning
fabio.ramos at

Prof Gianluca Ranzi

Civil Engineering

Structural engineering, computational mechanics, architectural science
gianluca.ranzi at

Dr Mark Read

Life & Environmental Sciences/Charles Perkins Centre

Biological simulation, classification and clustering at

Prof Peter Reimann

Education & Social Work

Learning sciences, psychology of education
peter.reimann at

Prof Kai Riemer

Business School

Enterprise Social Media, Future of work, Phenomenology
kai.riemer at

A/Prof Uwe Roehm

Information Technologies

Data management, database usability and data privacy
uwe.roehm at

A/Prof David Rye

Australian Centre for Field Robotics

Centre for Social Robotics
david.rye at

Dr Ehssan Sakhaee

Civil Engineering

Self-organisation theory
ehssan.sakhaee at

Mike Seymour

Business School

Digital facial interaction HCI and Avatars

mike.seymour at

Prof Tim Shaw

Sydney Medical School

Director, Workforce Education and Development Group (WEDG) at

Prof Cathie Sherrington

George Inst for Global Health

Mobility and falls, exercise interventions, evidence-based practice
cathie.sherrington at

Dr Frank Smith

Centre for International Security Studies

Dual-use technology, cyber security
frank.smith at

A/Prof Emmanuel Stamatakis

Charles Perkins Centre

Lifestyle Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour project node (LiPASeB)
emmanuel.stamatakis at

A/Prof Masahiro Takatsuka

Information Technologies

Novel user interfaces and interaction, visualisation
masa.takatsuka at

A/Prof Anne Tiedemann

George Inst for Global Health

Fall prevention in older people, exercise prescription for prevention of falls
anne.tiedemann at

A/Prof Martin Tomitsch

Architecture, Design & Planning

Design, novel interfaces and interaction
martin.tomitsch at

Prof Lyndal Trevena

Director, Discipline of General Practice, Faculty of Medicine

Cancer, preventive health services, global health, evidence-based medicine
lyndal.trevena at

A/Prof Kalina Yacef

Information Technologies

Human-centred data mining, education technology, novel interfaces
kalina.yacef at

Dr Dong Yuan

Electrical & Information Engineering

Cloud computing, software engineering, big data management
dong.yuan at