Large-Scale 3D Scene Reconstruction

The ability to produce accurate maps is known to be of key importance in most autonomous vehicles tasks, but it can also be useful to increase a person’s awareness of its surrounding. In this project we focus on the real-time generation of 3D surface models based on raw sensor information, and the extraction of meaningful features that can be used in a variety of tasks, such as user localization, object… more

MadMaker: Integrated STEM in the classroom

MadMaker is a 6-week online challenge in which High School students solve STEM activities programming an embedded system, the Arduino Esplora board. The board can detect movement, changes in light and temperature, and control other devices. This online activity is an ideal gentle introduction to show how science, math, technology and engineering are all connected to real-world problems. Video News more


The MediaWall project transforms walls into interactive information displays that people control with gestures. This wall is used for in-the-wild studies on the IT building, as well as diverse commercial deployments in the creative industries, sales, marketing and police control room. more

Monitoring Foetal Body Fat

In-Vitro Measurements of Subcutaneous Fat Currently, there are no cheap, easy to use devices to detect neonatal malnutrition, which increases an infant’s susceptibility to infectious and non infectious diseases following birth. With funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, this device seeks to tackle this problem. News articles: 1. The Australian newspaper 2. The University of Sydney Website more

Natural User Interaction

In both demonstrator projects, we will focus on issues related to natural user interaction. Human focused analysis aims to continuously monitor the current status of users involved, including body movement, gestures, and expressions. Based on our existing expertise, we will develop enabling techniques to support natural interactions among multiple persons in a virtual/augmented environment, such as speaker identification, 3D audio based speaker localisation, human action recognition, and facial expression recognition.… more


The NAVIGATE Jacket helps the wearer find her destination using integrated LED lighting and haptic feedback. The companion app stores relevant destinations and uploads the directions to the jacket which gives turn by turn directions. Fashion Magazine article: VOGUE more

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